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Imagine not visiting the grocery store for a whole month...

Well, I'm challenging myself into trying it for a whole year, all while being a mom of 2 and living in a big city!

Get To Know Me

My name is Liz Virgo and I currently live in Cincinnati, OH with my 2 young children. I am passionate about social justice and I’m constantly striving to live more sustainably and to address racism and lack of access to quality food in my community. I combat various forms of oppression in all areas of my life, work that is deeply personal for me as a Queer Afro-indigenous woman who has been dramatically impacted by various oppressive systemic forces. I have especially experienced the burdens of racism, heterosexism and family violence and in working through those barriers, I draw strength and knowledge from ancestral wisdom that has been passed down through generations of people who have fought the systems and moved humanity more towards liberation. The struggle is constant, it takes many of us, and I am grateful to be a part of it.

On my website and social media pages, I hope to connect to like-minded community and to share practical ways that people can live more sustainably, more healthfully and how to contribute meaningfully to social justice causes. As a dedicated Yogi I’ll also have a page for Yoga posts for those who are interested and I’ll be sharing a lot about my 2023 food project, a year of not going to the grocery store for food at all! Watch me as I learn to live almost exclusively off of food from local farms and gardens and the food I forage.

Some people call me radical, and I have to confess I’m beginning to see their point. Although I live in a city and do many of the same things that the average citizen of this country does on a daily basis, I tend to take a different approach to my life and daily tasks than others. I live grounded in a commitment to peace, justice and environmental sustainability and I would consider my life well lived if it were an inspiration for others who want to do the same. So please join me in my journey, and let us find joy and community in resistance!

Let's Dig Deeper

I am a multiracial woman from a small-town in Maryland. I had a childhood complicated by family dysfunction and was raised in multiple homes within my family experiencing many different cultural and racial dynamics. My place of refuge in those years were the Appalachian Mountains near my home. Born and raised a Quaker, I attended Quaker summer-camps where campers lived in off-grid cabins, worked collectively with young-adult camp counselors and other camps staff to operate the camp, and went out on extensive wilderness adventure and service-learning trips. In my senior year of high-school I had the opportunity to attend an incredible semester-long Quaker program in Nevada City, CA that taught Peace, Justice and Environmental Sustainability, philosophies that I have personally adopted and sought the expand upon ever since.

As a young adult, I taught Pre-school to refugee children for 8 years while I worked my way through college, earning a BA in 2015 with a focus in Cultural Anthropology and Pan African Studies. Throughout those early adult years I also suffered with untreated complex PTSD and extremely dysfunctional interpersonal relationships, a blessing in disguise which led me to be who I am today, a person who studies and practices healing arts daily. I am grateful to have learned so much about personal and communal peace, justice and environmental sustainability over the years and now see that many others are seeking out the knowledge that has been shared with me. I have a need to serve others in this world, and hope that my sharing and building community will fill that need. If you feel that need as well, then you are most welcome here.

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Grocery-Free 2023

Learn how I prepared for this challenge - and see how my journey is going!


Stay up-to-date on all things yoga related - and my journey with my Grocery-Free 2023 project!


Learn how my teachings will help others to find their center, both physically and spiritually

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