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Grocery-Free 2023 Project

Understand what this project entails, why I decided to challenge myself with this project, how I'll be doing this as a mother of 2 living in a big city, and how you can support my journey!


I've made a big decision for the year of 2023. For the whole year, I am not going to the grocery store for food. I’ve spent the past few months of 2022 gathering and preparing food and herbal medicine to get me through the early part of the year before the natural abundance emerges in spring and summer. I can still go to the Farmers Market and I can of course I can still grow and forage my own food, but the convenience of big box food stores won’t be available to me next year.


I want to share my journey with my followers and hopefully encourage others to come off the global industrial food system a little bit more. What we eat, how it is grown, the people who grow it and how far it travels matter more than ever in today’s world. There are vast disparities in who has access to food and fossil fuels and I know that eating only local foods will help me live in alignment with my goal of having a small personal carbon footprint and allowing others to live in peace and dignity. In fact, my food and medicine choices will be beneficial to the environment and socioeconomic prosperity of everyone impacted by them.



I’m excited to be addressing my personal relationship to the environment and capitalism, but I know it will be hard at times. I have a couple part-time jobs and 2 young children whose relationship to food will also be dramatically impacted by my decision (I can imagine I might get some push back from my 4-year-old especially), but I am determined, I am prepared, and I have already begun. Although I will allow my children to eat food from grocery stores when they are with their father, at school daycare or in other scenarios, I personally will not be going to the grocery store for their food and as their primary parent, this means they will mostly be eating a local farm-raised diet this year as well.

Support :)

So now, I’m asking for support and encouragement in this process. Come on this journey with me and share it with others who you think might be inspired! Share your skills with me and others! I have learned enough to know that I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in this vast world of sustainable food systems. It is only because wise teachers before me have demonstrated how to live simply so that others may simply live that I know I can do this. So please, follow me and help me share my journey with others, and help me stay encouraged and grocery free in 2023!

Check out my blog to see my journey!

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