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Golden Chakra


Hoping my yoga teachings will help others to find their center, both physically and spiritually.

I earned my certification in Ashtanga Yoga in 2022 and have completed additional training in Yin since. Both of these programs had a strong focus on functional anatomy and I now teach classes and private lessons in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. 

The benefits I have received from a regular Yoga practice have been immeasurable. I am more spiritually and emotionally grounded and I have been able to reverse chronic shoulder pain through dedicated practice. My fitness level is at its prime and I love sharing what I have learned with others.

If you want to learn more about proper alignment to improve safety and maximize benefit in your Yoga practice, contact me for a private lesson! Private lessons are perfect for those who want to take their practice deeper, but do not necessarily want to complete a Yoga teacher training. We all have different bodies that perform yoga postures differently. One-on-one coaching will allow you to discover the safest and most effective way to practice for YOUR body rather than aspiring to fit in at a Yoga class. I look forward to working together and getting to experience the Light within you! 

Even before my love of Yoga developed into a regular practice, I have always been a dancer. My proficiency in movement became evident at the age of 10 when I trained with an Olympic trainer for figure skating. I have also trained privately under internationally renowned dancers in the style of Lindy Hop swing, West African Dance, Belly Dance and Bollywood, and I perform publicly in each of these styles. Looking for a dancer for your event? Contact me today!


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